Welcome to my blog: I Ate Too Much. I'll start off with a fun quote by the late Anthony Bourdain.  He knew a thing or two about indulgence and probably ate too much when it was good:

"Your body is not a temple: it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride."

This blog is a collection of posts written by me, an expert on nothing. I mostly write about food - recipes and such, but on occasion, I'll also dazzle you on topics such as fitness and F words. I hope you like it. 



Exhibit A

Exhibit A

I love to cook and feed the people I love whether they like it or not (Exhibit A).  To be clear, I love cooking projects as opposed to "survival cooking" which is preparing meals during the busy work week. I actually hate trying to beat the clock for dinner between when I get home from work and go to the gym. It's brutal. 

When I get an idea for a meal I'd like to make, I like to study the different variations of the recipe, learn about the origin, and research the cooking techniques. I like to take my time with the preparation and turn on some music, maybe sip some wine while I'm working, and sometimes put on lipstick and talk to myself pretending I'm on a cooking show.


Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Many years and many pounds ago, I was a ballerina (Exhibit B). That said, I have no business offering fitness advice to anyone.  My knees are rickety, my wrist is titanium, I have tendonitis in both hips, I cook with butter, and my metabolism shit the bed after I turned 30, but here we are. 

The thing is, I like exercising. I like the sweat, the endorphins, and the camaraderie from exercising with a group. So the fitness category of this blog is about those things. Just moving my bod, trying new things, sweatin' it aht*, trying not to die, and probably bitching about how everything hurts.

*Aht = Pittsburghese for out

F Words

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

This is a miscellaneous category where the topics only begin with the letter F. 

Why? Because it's fucking fun. (2 points) 

Fun fact/Exhibit C:

One time as a child I decided to cut my own bangs. Down to the scalp. I also had some trouble filling out a pair of tights.