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The Om Lounge

The Om Lounge

I have fallen in love with a new yoga studio in Pittsburgh’s east end - The Om Lounge. But before I get into my review of the Om Lounge, let me tell you a story about oms.

This story happened a while back at a different Pittsburgh yoga studio. Picture it: it was at the very end of class when the students had stretched and twisted their stresses away, and the energy in the room was thick and full of focus and peace. The lights had been dimmed illuminating softness and warmth. Incense was burning and the light calming scent was weaving its way through the space. In a hushed and lulling tone, the instructor read some inspiring words and asked that we together as a group close the class with the sound of om.

There was a collective and audible deep breath in…

…and then some fucker let out the most deafening, guttural, opera style om I’ve ever heard in my life. It was shocking but also kind of amazing. Needless to say, Pavarotti’s bellowing slapped the zen right out of me and to this day I cannot om with a straight face.


Back to the Om Lounge. This studio is quaint and cozy and offers a variety of classes suitable for all levels. This is not a hot yoga studio, but I would say it is warm. It’s actually the perfect middle ground for yoga temperatures in my opinion - enough to warm your muscles, but not so much that you’re dripping sweat. It also smells nice here and the color pallet and fairy lights give the space a softness that makes it feel extra cozy.

I’ve taken a good handful of classes at the Om Lounge and I think what I like best about it is the peaceful vibe. The mural on the wall really captures the spirit and intent:


Founder and Creative Director, Suzanne Nagel, is a seasoned Pittsburgh yogi and brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her classes. As mentioned in the Om website, “In Suzanne's class, you can expect soulfulness and insight, yet her inner feistiness and playfulness are always present. Her classes are based in the style of Vinyasa Krama, a step by step progression into something, or to a certain goal, whether that be a posture or theme.”

Classes are typically 1 hour long and are structured in a way that can challenge the most experienced yogi but also cater to a newbie without intimidation. The instructors are helpful and accommodating and do a wonderful job of radiating positive energy throughout the duration of the class.

Last but not least, as if savasana isn’t great enough on its own, at the Om Lounge, savasana often includes a gentle shoulder, neck and head massage with essential oils from the instructor. On the days I practice yoga at the Om Lounge, this is the best part of my day.

With nearly 20 class offerings per week and a dozen or so certified yoga teachers on rotation, you can be sure if find whatever you are looking for in your yoga practice. The Om Lounge also has many workshops and events on a regular basis if you’re looking for something more. Additionally, if you want to train to become a yoga teacher or just deepen your understanding of your yoga practice, this studio is a Registered Yoga Alliance School that exceeds the required standards of a 200 hour training.

I highly recommend giving this studio a try. I’m very glad I did.


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