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Hi, I'm Molly.

Welcome to my food blog and try not to lick the screen. 

My favorite question to ask people is, "what is your death row meal?" Mine is pumpkin ravioli in a sage cream sauce from Girasole. Or pizza.  Or fancy tacos.

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I tried a VersaClimber

I tried a VersaClimber

At the recommendation of my new friend, Meredith, I recently tried a VersaClimber at Elevate: Fusion Fitness. Elevate is “a boutique studio dedicated to elevating your workout to the next level of fitness.” The studio is located in Lawrenceville and offers Pittsburgh’s only VersaClimber classes.

Signing up online was simple and when I arrived the check-in process was seamless and quick. My instructor, Dayonne, was one of the most physically fit people I’ve ever seen in person. I think maybe his abs are fake. He was very nice and maintained enthusiasm throughout the class which, in addition to a lively playlist, provided a contagious energy and mood.

When I first climbed onto the machine, I felt like this (George, not Kramer):

I like to think that I’m pretty coordinated, but during the the first 10 minutes of class I was very worried something like this would happen:

I think held my own throughout the class but if I did look an idiot, the room was mostly dark so who cares. Regardless, I sure as shit didn’t look like this lady - she’s killin’ it and has a nice butt:

Most of the VersaClimber classes are only 30 minutes long. A 30-minute class may seem brief but where it lacks in time it makes up for with intensity. Within the first 5 minutes I was surprised at how much I was sweating. This is a good thing! Sweating is how we rid ourselves of poor choices!

I liked that this workout had low impact on my crumbly joints and yet it made my legs and bum feel strong. It is undoubtedly a full body workout - I actually think it would be challenging to not engage your core muscles during the entire workout. I also loved that this workout had no impact on my wrist handicap. My right wrist and hand are fused and packed full of titanium parts so I have zero mobility in any direction. Outside of jogging, there aren't many exercise regimes where I don't have to make modifications. Not complaining here, this is just how I roll now but I like that I could use the VersaClimber normally. 

And perhaps best of all…

Salúd Juicery has an in-house cafe at Elevate which means you can order a juice or smoothie or latte and have it waiting for you when your workout is over. If I’m being honest, I originally came for the juice bar and stayed for the workout but the workout turned out to be pretty enjoyable. So I’ll be back! For the climb and the smoothie.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Romesco Sauce

Romesco Sauce